[Video] McLaren really likes this Japanese lawyer that uses his P1 as a daily driver image

Since this is an official video from McLaren, we might be inclined to think the British were so surprised for this Japanese driver probably being the only human in the world using the P1 as his commuter car.

We’re wondering if he’s car pooling… And if you think about it this actually could turn into a sad commentary about the state of the automotive world. That’s because there’s an irony in seeing this man as the only one doing a commute in a hypercar – it’s really sad since vehicles in its category, that have been the pinnacle of design and technology, and probably are the technically and physically the fastest things on land, will spend most of their life in a safe garage – clocking mere miles in their lifetime. So, we do get at least one hypercar owner that uses his McLaren P1 as the daily driver.

Go Hiramatsu is a Tokyo, Japan-based lawyer, who owns and uses on a daily basis a bright green P1 for the commute to work. He can even let loose a bit” along the Metropolitan Expressway No.2. Hiramatsu-san, also the owner of a McLaren 650S – and we’re starting to see a trend here – is also passionate about his weekends. He is a Fuji Speedway regular, where he can let loose a little bit more, reaching speeds of up to 190 mph on that long start/finish straight – “Looking at the speedometer, I sometimes wonder whether it’s really okay to be doing this!”