[Video] Medal of Lamborghini – 20MM cannon shoots through Huracan image

Battlefield Italian is not another installment in a long-running war video game franchise, but rather what happened when a giant bullet went through the arguably not too large window openings of a thoroughbred supercar.

Edwin Sarkissian is one of those guys that takes advantage of the relaxed rams laws of America by blowing off steam on his YouTube channel – he shoots things, usually using the biggest gun he can find. In his latest video, he and his partner gunsmith Mark Serbu decided to try out the damage factor of a 20-millimeter cannon. This means the gun will fire roughly 0.79-inch bullets in diameter, so we can imagine the impact is downright explosive. And in one of the stunts they decided to use a Lamborghini Huracan as the bridge between the gun and some watermelons – shot through the open windows of the Italian supercar.

We could be looking at his own supercar, so he had some incentives to get everything right – he was also very nervous about the damage to the car if he missed the watermelons. The video – especially the slow-motion version – is a blast to watch, with the shockwave from the cannon shot clearly visible on the ground. In case you thought the lambo would survive, check out another video where they shoot a block of titanium with the 20mm cannon.