[VIDEO] Meet the Acura NSX prototype image

Acura has recently unveiled the prototype version of the NSX over the past weekend, at Mid-Ohio, in Lexington.

Acura is getting closer and closer to offering a final production version of the NSX, but until that will happen, the car’s fans will have to settle for this prototype. The model in question has been recently unveiled at Mid-Ohio in Lexington and it was driven by a member of the Ohio-based engineering development team who managed to lap the 2.4-mile road course with an NSX prototype finished in blue.

“With leadership from our R&D and manufacturing teams here in Ohio, we are developing a next generation sports car that will be equally at home on the street and on the race track, so it is natural for us to showcase the prototype vehicle here at Mid-Ohio”, said the chief engineer of Honda R&D Americas, Ted Klaus.

The 2016 Acura NSX is believed to get a three-motor high-performance hybrid system with a V6 engine integrated and “moving” the rear wheels and two electric motors powering the front wheels. The powertrain will be mated to a new dual clutch transmission and the system is known as Sport Hybrid SH-AWD. The new generation of the Acura NSX will go on sale in 2015, probably as a 2016 model year.