The newest BMW creation has been called the Orange 4 Concept and it has been created with the students from Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research.

The German based automaker BMW has created a new concept car, after teaming up with the Clemson University Center for Automotive Research students, which has been recently unveiled. The model in question has been called the BMW Orange 4 Concept and it has been based, as you can see from the videos posted below, on the new BMW X3, and it is coming with some interesting tweaks and features.

The brand new BMW Orange 4 Concept has the new tailgate with a power retractable glass rear window, the split side opening tailgate, which is allowing easier access to the cargo bed, the sloped roofline and some other tweaks, which will help it stand out from a crowd. More details on the new BMW Orange 4 Concept car are limited for the moment but these will probably be announced in the nearby future, when we could see it during an international automotive event. Meanwhile you can check it out in the videos posted below.


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