Datsun is back in business after several years of missing from the auto market with a brand new model, named the GO, which is actually based on the Nissan Micra.

Nissan’s brand Datsun has been revived and the first model to make its way onto the market is named the Go. The brand new Datsun GO is based on the Nissan Micra and its name is coming from the company’s first model, called the DAT-GO, which was unveiled back in 1914. The model in question is a five-door hatchback which stands at 3,785 mm in length, 1,635 mm in width and 1,485 mm in height, with a 2,450 mm long wheelbase.

“This is an historic day for Nissan Motor Company and for our customers and partners in some of the world’s fastest-growing markets. It’s also an exciting moment for many womenand men here in India who – today – come one step closer to realizing the dream of purchasing a car”, said the president and CEO of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn.

The exterior design of the new Datsun GO is similar to the one of the Micra, while in the cabin we can see a handbrake and gearshift levers moved closer to the dashboard, in order to free some space between the front seats, we can also see Micra’s AC vents and door handles and a space under the dashboard where the glovebox should have been. As for the engine lineup, there isn’t much of a lineup because the new Datsun GO will only be offered with a 1.2 liter unit, mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. The model will go on sale in India, Indonesia, Russian and South Africa, next year.


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