[VIDEO] Meet the world’s first BMW i8 owner image

The first owner of a BMW i8 is being highlighted by the car manufacturer in a new video as he is talking about his ride and not only.

Do you know who Dirk Schulz is? Well, if the answer is “no”, don’t worry, because we didn’t either, but now, with the year almost over, BMW is bringing us another of its “stories”, which is talking about the world’s first BMW i8 owner. Mr. Schulz wasn’t your regular BMW buyer because he was also able to order one of the first Z1s too and he has chosen the new hybrid sports car when he had seen it as a concept, back in 2010.

“This is the story of Dirk Schulz, the first BMW i8 customer. He optioned the car when he saw the concept vehicle back in 2010. At that time he did not know the price or any technical data or even if the car will be produced”, says the clip’s description.

BMW is currently producing the i8 in Leipzig and this is offered in a single body style, a two-door coupe, with a possible roadster being in the works, but this hasn’t been confirmed yet. The model has a 1.5 liter inline turbocharged 3-cylinder unit, along with an electric motor generating 131 HP (98 kW) and a 7.1 kWh lithium ion battery. The total output produced is 357 HP (266 kW) and 570 Nm (420 lb-ft). The hybrid sports car has a range of 600 km (370 miles).