[VIDEO] Meet the world’s first Lamborghini Aventador Spider image

The world’s first Lamborghini Aventador Spider has recently arrived and it was designed by the guys at Oakley Design, who have also provided the supercar with a power boost.

It’s no surprise any more that the Italian based automaker Lamborghini is planning to develop a convertible version of the Aventador, especially because McLaren already has the 12C Spider and Ferrari has broken the ice with the 458 Spider, but what comes as a shock is that the supercar in the images posted below isn’t losing its top thanks to Lamborghini, but thanks to the guys at Oakley Design.

First is first and we must thank shmee150.blogspot.ro for the images posted below and now let’s go on with some interesting facts on the Lamborghini Aventador Spider. The supercar was developed by Oakley Design and it’s wearing the LP760 Spider name. The model is getting a remapped ECU, a titanium exhaust system and, for the first time ever, an open-air conversion, which makes it the very first Lamborghini Aventador Spider. The modified Italian supercar is now receiving an extra 60 HP from the V12 engine, to a total of 760 HP. As a bonus, you also get a video where you can see the drop-top spitting flames.