[Video] Mercedes-AMG E63 lays claim to fastest Nurburgring wagon image

Whoever said station wagons are a thing of the past in the crossover era was definitely wrong – that’s because these family-oriented vehicles will always be useful to… well families.

And because there are families and there are families, there’s also a rising niche for high-performance versions of them – if you never tried to perform a power lap with the groceries by your side, better write it on the bucket list. And there are also beautiful wagons – such as the E Class Kombi/Estate, which can be optioned in the AMG E63 S derivative to mix beauty with power, resulting in 4Matic all-wheel drive shenanigans.

While producers have been fighting like dragons on each Nurburgring lap record section as of late, surprisingly this time around the E63S estate lap time on the Nordschleife comes from the petrolhead folks over Sport Auto. The result comes in the form of a Septemebr 22 power lap turning the clock at exactly 7:45.19, and best of all we have the recording of the entire lap on video. The one thing to notice is how composed the driver and car were during the power lap – no correction for oversteer, no sawing in the corners to signal some understeer… a true German, serious machine to the core.