[Video] Mercedes-AMG GT3 stars in latest testing footage image

Mercedes-AMG is gearing up for the upcoming new season of the Super GT series and to entice fans it has prepared footage of a test session for the AMG GT3 conducted at the Fuji Speedway.

The automaker is looking to remind us of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 because the model was actually introduced officially more than a year ago in complete FIA GT3 specification. The model is motivated by a 6.3-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine, and is finally making its anticipated track debut next weekend during the first leg of the Japanese Super GT series at the Okayama International Circuit. As a curiosity, the all new Mercedes-AMG GT3 will be pitted against its previous iteration – the SLS AMG GT3 – because the new generation has only been acquired by four teams and a fifth would be using the predecessor.

Developed starting from the street-legal Mercedes-AMG GT , the Mercedes AMG GT3 was first presented in front of the worldwide audience during the 2015 Geneva Motor Show – where it made a splash thanks to its aggressive carbon fiber body kit that has wide bumpers and fenders, and modified doors. The cabin of course is barren of any amenity and only has the necessary race-spec seat, steel roll cage, and carbon fiber elements. The Super GT championship will include eight races, with two participations on the Fuji Speedway and a race on the Chang International Circuit in Thailand. The teams are divided into 15 participants in the GT500 class, and another 30 in the lower GT300.