Ever seen a behind-the-scenes video showing how filmmakers manage to capture high-speed chases – well they usually have a few models such as this one at hand, which are hulking behemoths with what it’s called a “Russian Arm” – essentially a crane holding the camera.

This video goes to show these vehicles are actually used to blast through at speeds that would make you uncomfortable in a cozy Subaru WR STI – and as an added bonus we get WRC-type shenanigans. That’s because someone crazy enough suggested this Mercedes-AMG ML55 sport-utility vehicle from Stuttgart (it’s not even the latest iteration) would feel right at home on a rally stage in the forests of Finland. On its own it’s a vehicle tipping the scales at around 5,000 pounds and for this trip of a lifetime it has six people inside and a massive swiveling arm on the outside, carrying a freaking movie camera.

So, what we have here is over 7,500 pounds of people and steel tunneling down a narrow forest road. It’s called the ML55 AMG Russian Arm, a cinematic vehicle, and was here for its usual job – filmmaking. More precisely, Hyundai shot with it a commercial featuring its i20 World Rally Car, driven by WRC pro Dani Sordo. All they had to do was go as fast as it’s humanly possible in front of Sordo’s car. The video comes from Fredrik Sørlie, who we imagine was the driver for this endeavor – the ML 55 itself has a fully-adjustable coilover suspension and a set of Michelin X-Ice winter tires.



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