With Mercedes revealing from the get go the new G Class has been developed with important input from the Mercedes-AMG subsidiary, it was only a matter of (short) time before seeing the full-fledged Mercedes-AMG G63 in the metal.

That’s going to happen in front of the worldwide audience of the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, starting March 6 – and Mercedes has already revealed when it will start sales (March18) and deliveries – June this year. The all-new G Class was introduced at the North American International Auto Show this January and we’re already getting the AMG version, the Mercedes-AMG G63, which arrives with supercar performance credentials. Don’t believe us – a quick glance on the fact sheet reveals a 60-miles per hour sprint of just 4,4 seconds, which is almost incredibly about a full second faster than its predecessor’s performance.

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The same 4.0-liter biturbo V8 is seen here, but for the new G63 the AMG engineers have unleashed the full 577 horsepower (430 kilowatts) potential – which is actually just 14 hp more than the predecessor. The magic thus resides in the massive weight loss of the new generation – 375 pounds (174 kilograms) to be precise. With the G63 matching the AMG GT R you might think that’s all there is to it – but actually the new SUV has an earth-moving 627 pound-feet (850 newton-meters) maximum torque, which is not only over 100 more than on the GT R, but also an increase of 60 lb-ft of twist over the predecessor.

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All the power is directed to all four wheels and the AMG-tuned 4MATIC all-wheel drive via an AMG Speedshift TCT nice-speed automatic with a full-manual mode, and there are also standard AMG suspension modifications, including adaptive adjustable damping, easily adjustable for on or off-road performance. Design wise, the Mercedes-AMG G63 is easy to make out among standard Gs, thanks to the new front end, larger wheel arches, the modified active exhaust system with cool side-exit pipes, and the exclusive “Edition 1” appearance package. It encompasses a black shade with matte gray stripes, but people can also opt for the AMG Night package that gets everything darkened, from light clusters to the black 22-inch wheels.


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