[Video] Mercedes-AMG reminds us of the crazy 1990s image

The high-performance division of the German automaker is proudly celebrating 50 years of existence, and as such it’s taking a dive through the archives to bring to our attention some of its marvels.

DTM racing was an incredibly adventurous and cool thing back in the 1990s, and one of its unforgettable mementos has to be the Mercedes-AMG CLK GTR – and so does AMG think. The street and track models – the latter actually dominated the series with 17 wins in just 22 races – were superb performance machines. And Mercedes-AMG has decided to remind us of just how cool these machines were, with a proper short-but-sweet YouTube video.

[Video] Mercedes-AMG reminds us of the crazy 1990s 1

The archive footage is from 1997 and 1998, and comes with rare instances from the car’s development process along with interviews and racing action. In an industry where such machines take years to build, the concept to final product development time was of just 126 days. Mercedes needed the last months of 1996 and the first of 1997 to get things up and running, and the same year they took the GT1 championship – then went on to win every race in the 1998 season. Unfortunately the epic story didn’t last because FIA cancelled the category after just two seasons for the CLK GTR – while only 25 street models, needed for homologation, were ever produced.