[Video] Mercedes-Benz E Class teased once more before reveal image

The German automaker is looking relentless in building hype for the North American International Auto Show in Detroit introduction of the E Class executive sedan.

Mercedes is looking blissfully ignorant to the fact that its model is turning out as one of this year’s worst kept secrets – we have photos and footage of the model wearing almost no which has landed in Las Vegas for a quick preview during the Consumer Electronics Show. We’re hoping this is the final preview/teaser before next week’s January 11 official public introduction during NAIAS in Detroit. For this teaser we can see a prototype of the vehicle that has been adorned with 2016 Consumer Electronics Show-themed camouflage – it’s roaming the streets of Las Vegas alongside its smaller and bigger brothers: the C and S Class.

Mercedes has also decided its interior is high-tech enough to be showcased at CES as it promises “an all-new era in digitalization” – most likely the primary features will revolve around the two large 12.3-inch displays with a resolution of 1920 x 720 pixels that will be used for the more upscale versions. These will have everything from customizable graphics and animations to snatching your attention away from the industry-first steering wheel with touch-sensitive buttons. The big sedan is also scheduled to introduce a new family of engines while hybrid and possibly a plug-in hybrid will be offered later on during its lifecycle.