[VIDEO] Mercedes-Benz G-Class commercial released image

The German based automaker has recently released a new commercial video where its G-Class model is being promoted.

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is a unique model with a unique design that can be either loved or hated, you can’t have it any other way and the German car manufacturer has chosen a unique way to promote it in the latest commercial highlighting the first emotion and going even beyond that. As you can see from the video below, Mercedes-Benz has chosen the driving pleasure offered by the G-Class to promote it as both urban and off-road vehicle, highlighting the fact that the incredible model doesn’t even need roads to where it’s going.

A unique landscape with lots of snow and a unique vehicle whose driving dynamics can carry you just about anywhere are the main stars of this latest commercial where the G-Class is being promoted by Mercedes-Benz. And when you thought the video was over, after the SUV reached the top of the mountain near an isolated chalet, you realize that the driver had no intention of stopping there and the vehicle is offering more pleasure than staying on the top of the mountain. Mercedes-Benz is also showing us that the G-Class is also a perfect urban vehicle, besides having off-road capabilities. But rather than talk about it more, we’d better let you watch the video below. Enjoy!