[Video] Mercedes-Benz G Class shown in behind the scenes feature image

What do you do with an icon when you have to carry into the next generation – the German automaker has chosen a clever approach: change almost nothing on the outside and almost everything on the inside.

The all-new W177 Geländewagen seems to be a page out of the evolutionary book of automakers, but Mercedes has actually changed most of the car entirely. For the G, it’s true we’re not going to complain about the route, as the model has just about the same charm as the original had back in 1979 – though it would be unwise to believe the brick-like shape is all there is to it. It’s actually the same package, but entirely redressed, mostly with new technologies, all the while improving comfort without sacrificing the world-renowned off-road prowess. On the contrary, with help from AMG engineers, Mercedes has actually updated the all-terrain capabilities, just slightly in the field and way more on the tarmac.

More so, the engineers have lightened the package by a total of up to 170 kilograms (375 pounds), all the while torsional rigidity has been spectacularly increased by around 55 percent. And the G Class has grown in size, to allow for better interior packaging – especially in the back, where the old one was heavily criticized. The cabin itself is a true revolution, now thoroughly in line with the latest and greatest products from the brand, such as the E and S Class. In addition, there’s also lots of technology and luxury – from the best trims to the latest driving assistance systems. But let’s allow the company to do the talking…