[VIDEO] Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe stars in Jurassic World image

Jurassic World will feature several Mercedes-Benz vehicles and one of them will be the recently unveiled GLE Coupe.

The BMW X6 fighter, which has been officially unveiled by the German based automaker, will be used in the Jurassic World movie. The announcement has been made by the car manufacturer recently but it declined to go into specifics. However, the model in question is a hand-built GLE 450 AMG Sport and because it hasn’t been unveiled by the time the filming took place, huge security measures have been taken so that spy photographers would not catch it, on filming locations such as the Hawaiian Islands.

“We are delighted to have been able to support this epic action-adventure with our vehicles. Our wide range of SUVs in particular fit perfectly with Jurassic World’s various requirements, with the focus on our new trendsetter, the GLE Coupé”, said Jens Thiemer, the Mercedes head of marketing communications.

The new Jurassic World movie is situated 22 years after the events in Jurassic Park took place. The film is centered on a new amusement park, on Isla Nublar, which has opened and begun conduction genetic experiments on dinosaurs. The movie will feature Chris Pratt and it is currently in post-production. It will air on the 12th of June.

The Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe has been officially unveiled one month ago. The model in question has a dynamic roofline, plastic body cladding, a similar rear end to the one of the S-Class and an engine lineup made out of the GLE 350d 4MATIC, with 258 HP (190 kW), the GLE 400 4MATIC with 333 HP (245 kW), the 3.0L V6 367 HP (270 kW) and the GLA 450 AMG. The range topping GLE 63 AMG version will be unveiled in Detroit.