In case you didn’t know because you’re an alien from Venus with no satellite internet, Mercedes also has a very prolific commercial vehicle division – that makes anything, from Unimogs to coach buses.

And about the latter case scenario we’re going to be talking right now – after investing around €400 million, Mercedes has come up with an all-new generation of the Tourismo RHD. It’s not every year that a new coach bus is coming as a new generation, but the German automaker is mostly adamant by the efficiency improvements – an important fuel consumption drop of 4.5 percent is not necessarily saving the planet as much as the owner’s financial bill. The Tourismo now has a lighter and more aerodynamic body, filled with technology such as Predictive Powertrain Control and Eco Driver Feedback, with all optional equipment on, it could save the owner up to 7 percent on fuel. It has an anticipatory cruise control system with GPS, as well as a system that analyzes the driving style and provides tips to driver more economically.

Der neue Mercedes-Benz Tourismo RHD

The new Tourismo is also aiming for the safest position in its class – literally, with emergency brake assist, attention assist, and stop assist for stop & go traffic, but also “Front Collision Guard” – which helps reduce damage to the driver and co-driver area. The high-decker will boast four different models with three lengths and for the first time in the vehicle’s history, all can be had either as left- and right-hand-drive configurations. The model also comes with two cockpits – sharing a multifunction steering wheel, a redesigned instrument cluster, and a TFT display. The Comfort Plus has the Mercedes “Coach Multimedia System” – and even has an optional router for Wi-Fi access inside the cabin, a newly developed air conditioning system and even a kitchen.

Der neue Mercedes-Benz Tourismo RHD

Engines include three inline six-cylinder units with a displacement of 10.7 liters and going for 360 hp (265 kW), 394 hp (290 kW), and 428 hp (315 kW). There’s also a new flagship with 456 hp (335 kW) and a massive 2,200 Nm (1,622 lb-ft). But those looking for economy will opt for the new 7.7-liter inline-six getting two turbochargers for an output of 354 hp (260 kW) and 1,400 Nm (1,032 lb-ft). Transmissions range from a six-speed manual, an eight-speed automatic, to a six-speed ZF Ecolife torque-converter setup.



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