[Video] Mercedes-Benz is in G Class mode image

The strongest Mercedes everyone loves, the G Class, is preparing itself for the incredible moment in time when it arrives as a complete new generation – a true milestone for the tough off-roader, compared to usual shenanigans for other, regular, passenger cars.

The German automaker is getting ready to unveil the new generation G Class at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, and as a reconfirmation of its arrival has decided to treat its social media fans with a short, but great video of the “coming soon” variety. By the way, it’s not the only video about the G Class – some of its exploits can also be seen at the bottom of the article. The next-generation G Class is arriving with an evolutionary design on the outside but a completely revolutionary interior layout, which adds goodies everywhere – it’s more luxurious, more spacious and more technologically advanced.

The W464 generation will retain most of its classic cues on the outside – remaining true to the core credo that dates back circa 1979. While we already know the interior – and the exterior is easily imaginable, there are scarcely any details about the mechanical bits. It’s safe to say that in line with the predecessor we can expect the G63 and G65 to soldier on, albeit highly evolved for even more performance and a bit more fuel economy. In terms of novelties, we do know the G arrives with a new steering system of the more advanced electro-mechanical rack and pinion setup.