[Video] Mercedes Benz Museum takes us on a scary ride, in the name of history image

In a bid to draw attention to a place that actually doesn’t need to do so, the Mercedes Benz Museum is presenting us with a bizarre car-eating monster video.

The Mercedes Benz Museum is currently celebrating its decade-long anniversary and as part of the events it created two whimsical new short films that draw attention to the automaker’s rich history. The footage debuted last month during the opening act of the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film, and can be seen online and at the museum itself. In the first take the stylish Mercedes-Benz Museum becomes an oddball robotic monster, hungry for bits of Benzes past – the video being titled “Hungry for History.” It’s the work of filmmakers Marco Erbrich and Florian Greth who intertwined vintage footage of classic Mercedes cars with a CGI monster that greedily eats up vehicles from Mercedes’ history. Finally, the monster comes home to Stuttgart where it actually roosts and reveals itself as the 178,000 square-foot Mercedes-Benz Museum.

The other short film, “A Girl Called Mercedes,” talks about the automaker’s origins 130 years ago, focusing on the impressive – for the time – trip made by Bertha Benz in an early car in 1888, and Mercédès Jellinek, whose name was then taken for Daimler’s car company in 1902. The film was created by three students from Germany’s Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design using hand-built, stop-motion photography. The story that depicts how Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler made history at the dawn of automobiles is narrated by German actor and voiceover artist Boris Aljinovic.