[Video] Mercedes-Benz, S Class and the legacy image

In order to celebrate the recently launched S Class and especially all of its illustrious predecessors, Mercedes has launched a new promotional video.

Known as the Evolution of Elegance, the clip was filmed at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and features a variety of classic models including the 1907 24/40, which was notable for having a steering wheel and not looking like a carriage.

Conveniently skipping on some of the more interesting models released in between the two great wars, the clip points out that the 1950’s 300 had an advanced engine and a luxurious interior with premium leather upholstery and wood trim.

We also have the 1960 300d, nicknamed “the Adenauer” after the name of Germany’s first post-World War 2 chancellor, the 1964 220 SEb (also known as the Fintail), or the 300 SEL 6.3, which is the forerunner of AMG Mercedes models.
Also, a notable model for the line-up is the 1972 600 S, one of the most iconic cars to ever sport the star badge. A successor for the Adenauer, it was the default car for state presidents, dictators worldwide, celebrities or company magnates.