[Video] Mercedes commercial is inspiring and daring image

There are many motivational speakers out there, but sometimes the best impulse comes in rather short forms – for example Mercedes’ latest ad called “BLINK – a BASE Jumping Flick”.

The message is pretty clear from the get go – instead of just lying on your bottocks at the office feeling sorry for yourself or plain contempt, you should strive for more, always more. We’re giving artistic kudos to the filmmakers for this inspirational message but probably companies like Dieter Zetsche’s won’t be out of employees anytime soon. Instead, it could simply be a wakeup call for some inner introspection and better life planning. The reason few people will take it literally as in the clip is the action involved – the guy quits his destructive job and goes about climbing a tall cliff – jumping off it with nothing but a parachute.

The clip also advertises the Mercedes-Benz G-Class – though we’re unsure of the part where you quit your job – how about gasoline and maintenance for the capable off-roader? Anyways, we like short, artistic films (we also like long artistic films) and since BASE jumper Simon Guthrie and the G-Class is involved, we’re up for some daydreaming. The scenery is great as well – New Zealand – you know that place that stood as the Middle Earth in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.