[Video] Mercedes G Class adventure makes us wonder image

A pair of Mercedes G-Class off-road icons, legendary serene wild scenery, some photographers – and an adventure in Alaska that lasted for 13 days in between Whitehorse in Canada and Anchorage in Alaska.

The G-Class W463 series is just about ready for merited retirement – because it has been around in various updated incarnations since the early 1990s – but not unlike the Defender it will surely remain a model that’s prone to adventure long after it has been taken off the assembly line. On its way to that retirement house, a pair of G Class SUVs decided to test their worth and prove their off road experience on a trip throughout the vast wilderness of Canada and Alaska. Mercedes’ sanctioned journey included the photographic collective “German Roamers” who were on point to produce these beautiful stills.

„Never Stop Exploring“: Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse Outdoor Experience: Auf spektakulärer Content Creation Tour mit Mercedes-Benz und The North Face durch Kanada und Alaska

The 13-day adventure started in the Yukon territory of Canada and finished all the way up in Anchorage in Alaska – the G Class powerhouses racked 3,000 kilometers (1,864 miles) in between. The three “German Roamers” photographers Johannes Höhn, Lennart Pagel, and Hannes Becker were also seconded by professional filmmaker Mathias von Gostomski, while Mercedes teamed up with American outdoor product company The North Face.