That’s calling it in a nutshell – the latest marketing stunt for Mercedes-Benz involved the promotion of its yet to be released EQ sub-brand of electric vehicles, with the help of someone who is not only famous, but also still gorgeous at almost 71.

Yes, we’re talking about actress Susan Sarandon – who apparently has aged even better than fine wine. Mercedes has jumped at the chance of working with her, through the make’s latest promotional campaign called “Generation Now, Generation Next”. The latter emphasizes the all-electric crossover and the Oscar-winning star has agreed to lend a helping hand to promote the upcoming zero-emissions vehicle based on the concept. An UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, Susan Sarandon was shot next to the EQ concept by Californian photographer, writer and film maker Luke Gilford. It’s also about the glamorous world of fashion because this is the second part of the company’s Fashion Story.

The first one featured British singer M.I.A. and this one in turn focuses on Sarandon. “I feel privileged to be taking part in the latest Mercedes-Benz Fashion Story as an ambassador for humanitarianism. I am proud to be presenting the Concept EQ vehicle as part of the collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, because it is very important to me to promote sustainability,” said the actress. The Concept EQ was first showcased at the Paris Motor Show in 2016 as a preview of the company’s all-electric agenda.



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