[Video] Mercedes makes sure we know its pickup concept premiers on October 25 image

Mercedes Benz is ready to enter yet another new segment as its strives to regain the world luxury sales crown from BMW – introducing the preview concept for its new mid-size pickup truck on October 25.

The company – as we already know – is developing the pickup truck on the same body-on-frame architecture used inside the Nissan NP300 Navara and all-new Renault Alaskan. Unfortunately for those waiting to get a Mercedes pickup to become more upscale than neighbors playing around in the VW Amarok, the series production model is still a year or two away – since we’re just being showed the concept version on October 25. Since the company is dealing with a study for now, they have the freedom to showcase a very sleek model – complete with sports car themed mesh-pattern grille we catch a glimpse or two.


The concept’s reveal is expected to take place in an art gallery in Stockholm, Sweden – as you know, trucks are for the spirited minds. Powertrains will come directly from the Navara and Alaskan, while assembly will be taken care of at Nissan plants in Argentina and Spain. The Mercedes spirit will be there thanks to a luxury version, though offering numerous variations means even the local construction crew in Europe, Latin America, South Africa, and Australia will get the chance to use one.