Mercedes-Benz is throwing itself head-on (with help from Nissan) in the disputed pickup truck segment, arriving July 18 with the first-ever X-Class.

We’re taking a break from the Audi A8 teaser campaign and after getting the arrival date for the second-generation Leaf we can also tell you when is Mercedes-Benz entering the pickup truck segment in most markets – but not the US. They are going to present the first-ever X-Class pickup truck on July 18 – though we all know the posh or workhorse model (they have two versions) will actually be a close relative of the Nissan Navara. The automaker is celebrating the arrival announcement with a teaser video, making use of lots of CGI to make us think the ute is going to come out on top everything one can throw at it – be it snow, rain, or the jungle – urban or not.

We already saw the previewing concept (pictured) with the same name in 2016, so there might be less of a surprise when seeing the production-ready design. By the way, manufacturing duties will actually be handled by Renault at its plant in Cordoba, Argentina and Nissan at the factory in Barcelona, Spain. In our view, the main rival for the X Class is the VW Amarok, so the Mercedes model will be using four- and six-cylinder turbodiesel engines linked to the proprietary 4Matic setup.



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