[Video] Mercedes ready to unveil a new version of the AMG GT – the C roadster image

This completely new AMG-powered cabrio version will be featured in front of the worldwide live audience of the Paris Motor Show, dropping the soft top cover at the end of the month.

Mercedes-AMG is now up to the regular shenanigans – teasing us to the GT C Roadster, which was announced back in July through a company roadmap of upcoming products. It’s unknown why there’s also the C particulate in there as well, but alongside the C Roadster there will also be a regular Mercedes-AMG GT C coupe version next year. The teaser for now depicts the silhouette of the high-performance cabriolet – we’re pretty much sure we already know the rest of the design as most likely the only changes will be to the coupe’s fixed metal roof – ditched in favor of a classic electrically retractable soft top.

Speculations for now are claiming the AMG GT C will be used as a bridge between the high-performance R version and the older flagship – the S version. If this comes to life, the C will be more powerful than the S but less so than the R – which means Mercedes has mixed up the alphabet a bit. We’re also expecting the C to also feature a weight loss compared to the regular GT and GT S – but not as much as the R version which dropped 199 pounds (90 kilograms).