Michael Schumacher’s Singapore Grand Prix came to a premature halt on Sunday when the seven-time Formula One champion crashed heavily on lap 30.

Trying to close in, Schumacher’s car crashed into the back of Mexican Sergio Perez’ Sauber, flipped up at the front and slammed into the safety barriers.

“It was a very unfortunate ending to my race in Singapore tonight and obviously I am a bit disappointed. What happened was what I would call a misunderstanding between Sergio Perez and myself. He was about to go inside and lifted, and I was not expecting him to do that so early, and therefore hit him. It’s probably one of those race incidents which look more impressive from outside than from inside, as I am totally ok and my impact in the end was not too heavy. It was a pity because my car and the tyres worked well, and therefore the pace was very good. I will look ahead to the next races and hope to have better endings there.”

Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel held off a charging Jenson Button to win the race and stand one point away from becoming Formula One’s youngest double world champion.




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