[Video] Michael Schumacher supports Mercedes campaign on connected safety technologies image

The German company launches today its “Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive” campaign, with the premium brand adopting this general term for all its connected safety and driver assistance systems.

Both the E-Class and S-Class already have Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive, including assistance systems such as the Stop&Go Pilot, which supports the driver and thus allows partly autonomous driving.
An insight into the future of these connected technologies is provided by the S 500 Intelligent Drive research vehicle, which in August 2013 negotiated the highly complex rural and urban traffic autonomously on the historical Bertha Benz route covering some 100 kilometers between Mannheim and Pforzheim.

“Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive heralds a new era of active driving safety and underscores once again our standing as a pioneer in the field of safety. This is highlighted by the campaign”, observes Dr Jens Thiemer, Head of Brand Communications, Mercedes-Benz Cars. “Michael Schumacher is the ideal partner here, as he has always been a champion of safety, both on the race track and on the road. Understanding as he does just how important it is to be able to anticipate situations in order to minimise dangers, he is a declared supporter of driver assistance systems.”

The informative campaign will explain the benefits of the connected technologies, present individual driver assistance systems and highlight Mercedes-Benz’s innovation leadership. The campaign is being championed by celebrity ambassador Michael Schumacher, the seven-time Formula 1 world champion.

“I am delighted about this partnership with Mercedes-Benz and I’m looking forward immensely to helping shape the future of automotive safety together with the inventor of the automobile”, says Michael Schumacher, who apart from his role as ambassador for Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive will also be involved in the further development of the safety technologies. “This is a pioneering and exciting task of our partnership. One can’t emphasise the usefulness of assistance systems often enough. They help and relieve the driver and lead to safer motoring. During my Formula 1 years I frequently appreciated the benefits of being able to rely on all the available technologies on board.”

Michael Schumacher is presented in conjunction with a clear and confident message, which draws a comparison between the exceptional skills of a racing driver and the outstanding capabilities of Mercedes-Benz driver assistance systems. Besides a print campaign, there will also be a TV spot, web specials, retail marketing and driving events.