Video: Mikko Hirvonen terible crash at Rally Finland image

Ford driver Mikko Hirvonen crashed out of Rally Finland today in a very dramatic way!
Hirvonen lost control of his car over one of the event’s trademark high-speed jumps and rolled five times before coming to rest on the road.

Hirvonen held a 5-second lead when he crashed at a speed of 140 kph (87 mph)

“It happened so fast, there was nothing I could do,” Hirvonen told “We went straight into a bank and rolled straight in the road, up the hill, for a long time.
“The speed wasn?t too much but at that speed I knew when it landed we?d be lucky to stay on four wheels.
“The dream is over and it?s just disappointing but at least we were on the pace before it happened. That?s good. A crash like that is not going to distract me or scare me.
“It?s done and we?ll go to the next rallies and try to go as fast as we did here.”