[Video] Mini presents all John Cooper Works models in one take image

The John Cooper Works performance sub-brand has been growing quite fast at Mini in recent years, and now the special models have been gathered in one location by the automaker for a presentation video.

While the John Cooper Works moniker disappeared from the back of certain models – alongside them, as they were canned – Min still has a comprehensive compact range of highly competitive models. The regular Mini can be ordered as a five-door as well for a bit of fun with friends instead of just you and one lucky side-passenger. You also have the Clubman if you want to enjoy some track days with the entire family and the new generation crossover if you’re into the trends. All of them share the same JCW engine, which is able to catch smiles on your face on every occasion.

The company now offers a larger 231 PS 2.0-liter turbo – and in between the smaller and bigger models such as the Clubman and Countryman there’s also the all-wheel drive system and larger 8-speed automatic gearbox instead of the regular 6-speed Steptronic. You also get to choose the dimensions – the standard Mini is just 3,874mm long while the Countryman comes in at a compact-sized 4.3 meters and comes with some 300 kilos of added weight. As far as performance goes, you might choose the one better suiting you – since figures are actually pretty close, because the larger and more heavier models have all four wheels sending power through wider tires.