The British brand has decided to have a Countryman contest for Brits, featuring the country’s best camping spots – some of them usually out of reach for the public.

Usually if you want to experience nature in an untouched way, the camping idea springs to mind first when it comes to overnight wilderness encounters – and Mini seems to have thought the same because it’s organizing a contest that will allow for the lucky winners an interesting experience. It involves the chance to camp out and sleep overnight in a rooftop tent on a Countryman in places that are mostly closed for public camping. The winners will also be given a bespoke itinerary that will include hiking along coastlines, exploring caves, and rappelling off cliffs. Mini will even hook them up to a special campfire dining experience.

And the locations are certainly worthwhile – the Durdle Door in Dorset, England (World Heritage Site on the Jurassic Coast, with natural limestone arch); Snowdownia, Wales, is a national park with glacier-sculpted valleys and shaggy peaks. Last, but not least, there’s heddar Gorge in Somerset, England, with stalactite caverns and tall cliffs. The idea is also a neat promotion to Mini and Autohome’s collaboration for a rooftop tent that is available on the new Countryman.



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