[Video] Morgan Aero 8 does some aero dance with a Pitts airshow biplane image

We always like a fun video that makes our adrenaline rush – and usually when cars meet airplanes that’s an easy conclusion. Even though this is for viral marketing purposes, it’s still great to watch the Morgan Aero 8 play nice with an aircraft.

The British brand took the Aero 8 to Bruntingthorpe airfield in Leicestershire, England, and the video is actually even better for aeronautical fans – you can even see an Airbus Skylink Super Guppy (actually a modified Boing from the 1940s). Anyways, the staged race involves the Morgan Aero 8 drag racing the Pitts S2S aerobatic biplane. Famous aerobatic pilot Richard Goodwin took the stick while Morgan’s Head of Design Jon Wells commanded the Aero 8. The “race” is not exactly defined here, because “This was no intended PR stunt, just a cool opportunity presenting itself to a team small and flexible enough to just ‘make it happen’” comments Wells. “Neither Morgan, Rich or I needed more of an excuse!”

This of course explains the camera crew and other amenities – or the numerous passes in formation by the unlikely partners. And of course, explains the professional level of editing for this high-definition video. At least both machines are great. The Pitts has a largish 8.5-liter six cylinder with more than 300 horsepower, as well as massive three-blade propeller. Inside the Morgan dwells a 4.8-liter BMW V8 with 367 horsepower, which enabled knife-edge passes from the Pitts.