The British brand has decided to create the limited model edition with the help of department store Selfridges – inaugurating the start of production for the very interesting EV3.

The model was first showcased during this year’s edition of the Geneva Motor Show, when the EV3 came to life as the battery-operated electric variant of the Morgan 3 Wheeler. We already knew Morgan was diligently working on the version because they also showcased a concept before, but the production series model did came with all the potential. It’s a very small retro-futuristic runabout rather similar to a streamlined 1930s racecar and now the automaker has announced the first production version of the EV3 is the Selfridges Edition model. And most of the Geneva stuff is here as well – the modifications are very subtle. For example, there’s a couple of lights in the grille, solid disc wheels, rear-view mirrors, a very small windscreen and splash-guards over the wheels.

It also lacks the hard passenger seat cover and comes with additional safety for the passenger in the form of a roll hoop. Just 19 numbered cars will be produced by Morgan – all ordered through the historic British department store. The company said they partnered with Selfridges as a statement of the importance of the firms, which were both established back in 1909. Each unit will be adorned with a “miniature bronze plaque, bronze grilles and the best of British materials used in the interiors and hardware.” For the car owners, Morgan and Selfridges also put to order exclusive, specially numbered driving accessories designed by nine British fashion companies.

Morgan’s EV3 starts production with special series0


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