[Video] Motor Trend reviews BMW M2 against bigger brother M4, calls the winner image

According to the good guys over at Motor Trend, the Bavarian automaker has managed to pull an ace from under it sleeve – called the M2, the high-performance coupe is by no means half the car the M4 is.

BMW has had it rather quirky lately – they have no issues with the M3 and M4 being faster than the larger M5 and M6 models. It’s like acknowledging the top brass is actually for older dudes that have decided their fun days are over. But having the same treatment applied to the M2 and M4 pair is like finding extraterrestrials do exist – we know it’s possible but no one really thought them to be present. By the way, those petrolheads over at Motor Trend might have an issue with the M4 actually, as a recent episode of their Ignition feature showed the Bimmer taken down by the Chevrolet Camaro SS.

Starting with the facts sheet the BMW M2 and M4 look rather evenly matched, with the big boy both on power and weight having the upper hand at higher speeds. But in reality the nimble M2, which also has a very predictable handling trait, was on top during the timed lap race. There are issues with the M2 as well, most notably the editors complaining about the corners cut by BMW to save some development dollars. But just like the 1M Coupe was in the day, this is the underdog champion of the present, David again taking down Goliath.

Via Motor Trend Channel