[Video] Movie car chase sees father-daughter duo take down home robbers image

Usually, if you would be in the position of witnessing your home or someone else’s being robbed, you would call the police and run for safety. Well, not always, as it turns out.

Kevin and Alana Smith, a Houston-area plastic surgeon and his daughter decided to take the matters into their own hands – not just call the cops – after seeing the robbers leaving their burgled home. The best part – it was all caught on video.

According to local US station KHOU11, the duo saw the thieves leaving the family’s driveway in a red Ford F-series truck and decided to give chase because they feared the second daughter – Kara – at home at the time, might have been the victim of an abduction.

“I locked eyes on them, and their eyes were terrified. I know that they had done something terrible, ” Alana told CNN. ” I didn’t know what happened to my sister, and I didn’t know if she was OK. My instinct was this was my only chance to get these guys.”

Alana, the driver of the family’s Audi A8 sedan and her dad, Kevin, the filmmaker, rushed to catch up with the perpetrators, with the driver of the getaway car at one time stopping and reversing in their car and after being cornered ramming into the car until both ended up in a ditch. Police arrived on scene minutes later and managed to apprehend on the spot two of the three suspected burglars, now facing criminal charges.

Kevin escaped unharmed from the incident and Alana was soon released from hospital care after she was checked for whiplash – the stolen possessions were swiftly retrieved, but the family car suffered the most – with damage both front and rear. And, as fortune favors the daring, Kara, the second daughter was found to have been at the gym, working out during the mishaps.

Via Business Insider