[Video] NASA makes us dream of space fare with Mars Rover Concept image

While Trump doesn’t believe in global warming, 99 percent of the world’s population knows we live on borrowed time by the way we destroy our planet – so it would be best to set out and colonize space.

And while usually NASA’s vehicle reveals feature small quirky things packed with cameras and tools, this time around they landed a killing blow to all things Hollywood with the most enticing planetary exploration vehicle in the space agency’s history. The Mars Rover Concept has room for four and experiments in the back, six wheels and it’s also fully functional. The only catch is the concept part – it’s set to remain here on Earth. The main goal with the Mars Rover Concept is to educate people – hopefully fiery young ones looking at the stars with longing gazes – and hopefully encourage space exploration.

Parker Brother Concepts is behind the build – and you might know them for the bikes in the 2010 sci-fi film Tron: Legacy. The unveiling event featured the kickstart at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida of the Summer of Mars event and will be part of the Journey to Mars exhibit. It’s fully functional – with on-board screens and a maximum speed that won’t pass any snail…