Seriously, if you have a heart condition don’t look at the video below because we already scared the bejesus out of you with the title photograph.

A dashcam sitting inside a commercial truck has captured this frightening footage – as we get to see an incoming semi truck with trailer and stuff jackknifing the entire road because of a downed tree. The accident occurred earlier this month in Carlisle River, Victoria, Australia when a speeding semi truck was unable to stop when encountering a fallen tree. The woman at the wheel of what seems like a “classic” Volkswagen Jetta actually had the same unlucky occurrence and had damaged the car. In the footage we see her asking for help from the driver of the commercial truck that captured the footage – he stopped and started providing her with the much needed assistance.

Out of nowhere a loose semi truck starts heading for both because it has also gone over the downed tree – the damaged Jetta sitting on the side of the road is hit – and you can imagine the poor sedan will not live to tell the tale. Fortunately the woman was quick on her feet and escaped into the adjacent forest, from where she emerged afterwards unscathed. The odds were also in the favor of the two big rig drivers as they also escaped without a single scratch – that loose and speeding semi could have turned the scene into a tragedy.

Via Dash Cam Owners Australia


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