While Porsches are objects of passion and adoration from petrolheads, the rest of the world might be oblivious to the heritage and performance represented by a 911…

But since Porsche takes pride in giving you headaches when choosing your next 911 out of dozens of configurations, it’s also here to support your social woes – and will make sure you never go unnoticed when dressing up your prized 911 Turbo in the new Saffron Yellow Metallic paint color. But be prepared to shell out a good chunk of cash – $11,580 to be more precise. Need not worry, because Porsche is already showcasing why you’re going to give a subcompact car’s money for a paint job.

[Video] Never go unnoticed in your Porsche 911 Turbo 3

Barbara Sika, a color and trim designer at Porsche, has been tasked to explain how this paint needs four coats – an initial base of yellow and gloss clear finish, then a manual sanding process comes, then it goes back in the paint shop for the pearlescent effect layer, and at the very end comes the decisive gloss covering. The photos and video don’t even do justice to this unique shade, and it looks even more eye candy than the Golden Yellow Metallic devised for the 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series.


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