[Video] Never mind the Veyron, let’s see Chris Harris love the Bugatti EB110 SS in front of the cameras image

The recent history of French automaker Bugatti is intertwined with the record breaking Veyron – from financial issues to the fastest speed a production car has ever achieved.

But the brand is almost unique not only thanks to the Veyron, but also has a rich history for delivering out of the Earth models, such as the exquisite Bugatti EB 110 SS. We should remember this model in the Pantheon of supercars as it was one of the most extreme and rare road cars ever built at the time of its conception. And the SS form was even rarer. Actually it’s anyone’s guess how many Super Sport versions were manufactured (all by hand) – but best estimates put them at between 33 and 38 and only 18 of them being identified through the Bugatti Club. Just imagine its exclusivity – chassis No.1 of the SS version was delivered under the specifications of the Sultan of Brunei.

Now famous auto journalist Chris Harris had the chance of a lifetime and took one of the “unicorn” supercars of the nineties out for a spin. The EB 110 SS, seen in the video features a new ECU, bigger injectors and a more liberating exhaust system, which took the standard power up 50 more than the regular EB 110 for a total of 610 metric hp from the quad-turbo 3.5-litre V12 engine. This particular model is set to go under the auctioneer’s hammer later next month at a RM Auctions sale in London and features a yellow-exterior with red-interior specification.