[Video] NEVS InMotion is taking your office to the road image

In a very distant and somewhat unlikely future… wait, autonomous cars are coming, who knows if we’re not going to be travelling with our room to the market or the office to business meets?

National Electric Vehicle Sweden is sort of infamous for the automotive industry. It was established with Chinese backing to purchase the bankrupt assets of the well-known Swedish Saab brand. It promised to restart production and it did, only to quickly succumb to its own financial issues. It then turned its attention to China, where it received orders for electric cars but the official rights to use the Saab branding were retreated by the rightful owner. Now the automaker recently announced the 9-3 and 9-3X electric concepts, which are modernized Saab cars without the branding and with electric powertrains.

But the new InMotion concept is something we didn’t expect. We’re also not expecting to see it in production – ever – for the SAAB-based sedan and wagon we only have reserves at the moment. The concept debuted during CES Asia in Shanghai, and aims to reinvent the notion of car. We could say it’s a room on wheels – fully concealed ones – a single gullwing door and entirely autonomous driving capabilities thanks to Level 5 compatibility. We could see the InMotion in a Sci-Fi movie, as it even has a configurable interior thanks to the use of a smartphone app that can make it your home (private), a meeting place (social) or your office (meeting). Propulsion is entirely electric, and it even benefits from wireless charging capabilities.

[Video] NEVS InMotion is taking your office to the road 1