The all-new generation BMW 5 Series – codename G30 – is coming fast, so the company is making sure everybody is expecting it and knows how much more smarter it has become.

The company’s Dingolfing plant in Germany is preparing the production facilities for the generational switch, which is expected to occur late this year. We first found out about the 5 Series that its owner can spy it thanks to a smartphone app nicknamed “Remote View 3D” which allows the vehicle’s array of cameras to deliver a bird’s-eye view of the executive saloon. The Bavarians are now describing the wide array of safety and assistance systems coming bundled – some new and some directly taken from the 7 Series. In the latter category we have the Steering and Lane Control Assistant – a semi-autonomous driving system, which also uses the active cruise control and stop & go function.

There’s also the Crossroads Warning system which saves you from a potential collision with crossing traffic – in the video detects the outgoing 5 Series (F10) coming out of a side street without a turn signal and warns the driver, as well as preparing the braking system and providing assistance in the event of an emergency breaking maneuver. The company also announced its Dingolfing factory located in Lower Bavaria is preparing to host the launch of production, with the model expected to come out officially in Detroit or even at the Paris Motor Show.



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