[Video] New BMW i8 teaser might prepare us for Frankfurt reveal image

The German automaker has decided to entice us to a new set of official teaser shots and a very short video depicting the still camouflaged BMW i8 Roadster, a model quite long in the making.

Naturally, as with any good teaser, we’re left with more questions than answers, because the automaker hasn’t actually brought forth anything new – but we’re good, because we looked for almost thirty seconds at some great scenic roads. The automaker signals the i8 Roadster has entered the final testing phase – playing on the curvy roads of the Alps – and even has some preliminary fuel economy details to put a measure to all this fun: 15,4 kWh/100 km energy consumption on average, with fuel economy of 2,0 l/100 km and CO2 emissions (combined) of 45 g/km.

[Video] New BMW i8 teaser might prepare us for Frankfurt reveal 4

Just like it happened before, BMW does contend the i8 Roadster will reach the market next year, without actually revealing exactly when we’re going to be greeted by the uncamouflaged model. We could see the model grace the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, which is just a few weeks away. Or, the automaker could be calling dibs on 2018 as the official unveiling date, not the moment it reaches dealerships. What we know from reports so far is the i8 Roadster should be based and accompanied by the i8 facelift, packing more power and increased electric range.