[VIDEO] New Dacia / Renault Popster to be launched next year image

After a series of spy photos presenting Dacia’s new creation reached the internet, the Romanian officials, under the Renault brand, announced that the Popster has already entered production and it’s expected to hit the showrooms early next year.

The French say that the new Popster model is being produced in Morocco, at the Tanger plant, where about 90.000 units are expected to leave the production line in the first year, eventually reaching to a total capacity of 170.000 units annually.

The Tanger plant has nothing in common with Dacia’s Mioveni, because the factory in Romania has a research center, a lot of suppliers and a matrix center, while in Morocco the car will be assembled using import parts, a lot of them coming from Romania.

Rumors are that the new Popster will be 4.5 meters long and its starting price will be around 13.000 euros, more than 7.000 euros cheaper than its “brother”, the Renault Scenic. Besides a SW body which will be appreciated by families, the Popster will also come as an utility vehicle, codenamed K68, with sliding doors on its side, while on the rear end the doors will open like the ones on the Logan MCV.

Even if its price is just a rumor yet, the Dacia – Renault officials will have to announce it pretty soon because the car is scheduled to hit the dealerships early next year.