[Video] New Guinness world record for fastest drift image

Racecar driver Kuba Przygonski, a member of the ORLEN Team has established a new Guinness world record for fastest drift in its 1,068 hp Toyota GT86.

The driver managed to reach in its heavily modified Toyota GT86 (standard output from the 2 liter boxer is 200 hp) an impressive average speed of 136.23 mph (217.97 km/h) and established a new speed record while drifting. The run took place on an ex-military airport in Biala Podlaska, Poland where Kuba Przygonski successfully pulled off a maximum slip angle of 49 degrees and had an entry speed of 159 mph (256 km/h).

Just as a reminder, not too long ago (in May) another drift record was broken, the longest drift this time, which now belongs to BMW Performance Center instructor Johan Schwartz who drifted a stock 2013 BMW M5 for 51.278 miles (82.520 km) on the Performance Center skid pad.

  • Austin Burgenstock

    This is crazy!!!