[VIDEO] New Honda Civic will come to Frankfurt Motor Show image

Honda Motors has announced that the ninth generation of the Civic will make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

As being part of the “eco-friendly” new cars, the next generation Civic will have a low fuel consumption, as well as a new exterior design with extra interior space.

The 2012 Honda Civic offers to its future customers the biggest cabin and boot space in the C-sector and it is fitted with a rear beam suspension system which, according to the manufacturer, improves ride performance and handling.

“It is not just an evolution, we have made a step equivalent to two generations of development”, said the Chassis Development Leader, Kazuo Sunaoshi.

The new generation of the Honda Civic is expected to hit showrooms worldwide next year.

Honda’s booth at the Frankfurt Motor Show will also host, besides the new Civic generation, the CR-V model.

The Japanese manufacturer has also confirmed that the Civic and the CR-V will also be produced in the UK, at the Swindon plant.

“The next six months will be busy, as we ramp up to full production following the training and trial builds of the new car. The fact that we will be the only Honda plant in the world producing the hatchback version of the new Civic makes us extremely proud of the highly skilled and dedicated team we have working here in Swindon”, said Mark Trowbridge, Director of Quality and New model at HUM.