[Video] New Humvee C-Series is the 25 years old Hummer H1 image

Arnold Schwarzenegger may have gone green, but others around the world may want to have a brand new 25-years old Hummer H1, and while GM ceased production of the civilian Humvee a long time ago, there’s a new chance thanks to VLF Automotive.

VLF Automotive is a company that was set up by former GM chairman Bob Lutz and it’s also the place of work for Henrik Fisker – and among their new projects we also found out about this – the Humvee C-Series. It’s not called a Hummer because of General Motors – even though they ceased production of the H1 back in 2006, they still own the rights to the name. The rebirth of the civilian Humvee is actually the brain child of Humvee Export, a five-person collaboration between Hummer enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, who asked VLF to take care of production using General Motors powertrains. “There’s a niche market,” president John Costin explains. “There are people who want to have the most fun at five or six miles per hour.”

The Humvee C-Series will not be available in the United States – because it doesn’t comply with emission standards and it also doesn’t fall under the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act. It will become available in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and, as of January next year, China. The new C-Series is “the Humvee the world has been waiting for” and combines “superior craftsmanship with ultimate functionality, as well as industry-topping mobility technology,” according to Humvee Export. The car has three trim levels – Bravo, Charlie, and Delta – as well as four GM engines: 6.5-liter V8 with 190 horsepower, 205 hp, and 250 hp, as well as a 6.2-liter gasoline V8 with 430 hp.