[VIDEO] New Nissan X-Trail promo released image

Nissan has released a new promotional video with the new generation of the X-Trail in which the midsized SUV is being shown in a whole new light.

The 2014 Nissan X-Trail has been placed into the spotlights once again, this time with the help of a new promotional video. The clip recently released by the carmaker is presenting the midsized SUV as the perfect car for cruising around the city and it’s not forgetting its off-road abilities. The model has been officially presented during the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show and it’s coming with technologies such as the Advance Hill Descend Control or the Active trace control.

The new generation of the Nissan X-Trail is also fitted with the Active Ride Control, with the Active Engine Brake, with the ALL MODE 4x4i system and with several other features. Its design is evolutionary and it has nothing in common with the previous generation. Its rugged looks have been dropped for a more premium feel which is bringing it closer to its smaller brother, the Qashqai. The X-Trail has a modern design, LED headlights, muscular lines, boomerang shaped taillights, full leather upholstery on more expensive versions, metal and chrome finishes, piano black, a third row of seats and more.