The new generation of the mighty Porsche 911 was caught by cameras without any camouflage.

The 911 family just got bigger by another member of the iconic model with extra power as a part of the deal and a possible official appearance at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year.

With the video being more focused on its back end, which appears to be longer, the new generation of the 911 caught by the camera could actually be the future Carrera S.

The color of the 911 seems to be a brand new dark shade of blue but we are still wondering how is it possible in this “gadget era” for such a video to appear of the new 911 with no camouflage on it.

If we are looking at the future Carrera S in the video than we can probably expect the 3.8 liter engine providing 400 HP to power the version, while the base Carrera could benefit from the 3.4 liter engine which develops 350 HP, the same engine as the one on the next Boxter S.


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