[Video] New wheelie record is an incredible… 310 miles image

Japanese stunt rider Masaru Abe is the new and undisputed Wheelie King – his Yamaha Jog scooter has traveled on its back wheel alone for a whopping 310 miles (499 kilometers).

Japanese scooter icon and until now self-proclaimed Wheelie King, Masaru Abe, 33, has delivered the record at the Kawaguchi Auto Race circuit, north of Tokyo – besting by a long run the previous record which actually stood for no less than 25 years at 205 miles (330 km). Abe is well known in the stunt community for doing such extreme feats – aviating the front wheel from a dead stop or riding pirouettes until the fuel tank runs dry. Which is also bringing a question – how did he go for such a long distance without running out of fuel – a support vehicle delivered a fuel container that plugged into a quick-release dry coupling on the handlebar.

Abe actually wanted to drive on a wheelie for no less than 372 miles (600 km), but after 13 hours had to stop because of the growing discomfort. “That was the most pain I’ve ever felt. Both of my arms were numb from the pain and I had lost feeling in them,” Abe reportedly said once he stopped. “My vision was blurred… I was only partially conscious. I was completely dehydrated. I’d never experienced that before.”