[Video] New world record sees truck jumping ghost town image

Red Bull is always bragging about how its product give wings, and it appears that for once they nailed the issue – their sponsored truck flew in the air a total of 379 feet.

It has always been interesting and spectacular to see vehicles launched in the air jumping over high distances – and it’s always great not knowing if the feat won’t turn into a massive crash. Fortunately, this particular record-breaking leap had a tremendous amount of planning – you’ll watch a minute of a record feat that needed mammoth efforts ahead of Bryce Menzies’ jump over a ghost town in New Mexico. He took his Pro2 truck up in the air and set a new Guinness World Record of 379.4 feet (115.64 meters). Menzies has been thinking about this stunt for the past three years and his team needed months to plan – four months ahead he was still in San Diego doing jump tests in order to establish the perfect suspension setup. The New Mexico ramps were also tested for days in advance to the record attempt.

Bryce Menzies

His hard work was successful and Menzies even wanted a longer jump in front of a live audience on August 27 for Red Bull TV, but this time around he crashed during a practice run – he escaped with just a broken shoulder, but the live feat had to be canceled. The clip also shows how the team prepared and how dedicated they can be, as they strived to fly over more than a football field in a truck. The previous record belonged to Tanner Foust who jumped 332-foot (101.2-meter) back in 2011.